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Next Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting of Loders Parish Council will take place on Tuesday 21st September at 7.00pm (venue to be confirmed).  The Agenda will be made available three clear days before the meeting.

Loders Parish Council
Climate & Ecological Emergency

Loders Parish Council Climate & Ecological
Emergency Residents' Questionnaire

Loders Parish Council is developing its own Climate & Ecological Emergency Action Plan concentrating on those areas in the Dorset Council Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy where we feel we can directly contribute.  These are:

  1. Transport
  2. Renewable Energy
  3. Natural Assets 
Loders Parish Council have produced a number of Community Policy Objectives and their Related Actions which are currently being considered but is is important that they represent the views of the whole Parish.  In May, residents of Loders Parish were asked to complete a Residents' Questionnaire to indicate whether they agree or disagree with each proposed action and to make any comments on suggestions which they feel should be taken into account.  Each household in Loders Parish received a paper version of the Residents' Questionnaire through their letterbox for completion or alternatively the questionnaire could be completed online.  The closing date for completion of the questionnaires was Friday 21st May.  The questionnaires have now being collated and the results can be found below:

Further information on the work of Loders Parish Council in relation to the Climate & Ecological Emergency can be found here.

The Parish of Loders

Loders Parish is a thriving rural community that covers the villages of Loders and Uploders.  It is an attractive historic settlement set in beautiful unspoilt countryside in West Dorset, situated two miles north east of the market town of Bridport and 13 miles from Dorchester

The villages lie in the folds of the surrounding Powerstock Hills and have developed along the waterline of the River Asker, a small affluent of the River Brit.  A single lane village road runs along the valley connecting the villages of Bradpole in the west and Askerswell in the east.

The villages are well served by a thriving primary school, Parish Church of St Magdalene, a late Georgian Methodist Chapel, two pubs and a modern village hall which hosts many events and activities throughout the year.

Covid-19 4 Step Roadmap for England

The government has published the 'Covid-19 Response - Summer 2021', setting out the arrangements in place in England. The link below provides details of the Step 4 Covid-19 roadmap out of lockdown:

Step 4 - 19th July 2021 - Step 4 will apply from 19th July.

Covid-19 - How to stay safe and prevent the spread of the virus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Useful Links:

Dorset Council - COVID-19 Latest Updates

Public Health England - COVID-19 Guidance

GOV.UK - COVID-19 Latest Updates

NHS - COVID-19 Information and Advice

Health & Safety Executive - COVID-19

Loders Parish Council Boundaries


For further geographic information on the Parish of Loders visit Dorset Explorer.
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