Winter on The Farm

Filmed at Upton Manor Farm 1941

Winter on the Farm (1941) BFI 
































The origins of the many lynchets in Loders are a regular request from locals and visitors.  The following links may help:

Towards a Terminology for Strip Lynchets By G. WHITTINGTON 

NMP Mapping of the Marshwood Vale, Dorset AONB | Historic England


Report number: 64/2017

NMP Mapping of the Marshwood Vale, Dorset AONB


This illustrated report describes the results and methods of air photo and lidar assessment and mapping for the Marshwood Vale Dorset AONB NMP project. The project was funded by Historic England Heritage Protection Commissions and carried out by Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Cornwall Council in 2015 and 2016. The project used Historic England National Mapping Programme methods and standards. The report includes a review of the sources used and how these and other factors influenced the results. An overview of archaeological results describes the extent, distribution, type and survival of remains. More detailed descriptions of the nature of the archaeological remains are covered in thematic sections. This report concludes with a summary of the role of the data in strategic planning and recommendations for further work.