Opened 13 October 1869

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Mike Kite (Headmaster 1984-2012) has resurrected the original Loders School website & uploaded the July 2012 version to his own host server.  Not all links work correctly but it could be an interesting memory lane trip for ex-pupils, parents & staff. 

Follow this link Loders School 2012 

Well in Playground


How many schools have a well in their playground? Loders School has one.

How many wells have a smugglers' tunnel entrance in them? Loders School has one.

Loders pupils would like to be able to see their heritage and brag about it.  A suitable reinforced glass lid, ventilation, electric light and barrier would enable this to be achieved.  Unfortunately, the cost of a suitable installation is unjustifiable - so posters will have to suffice.