Loders Parish


I am delighted to report that the Loders Neighbourhood Plan has successfully passed through its referendum stage.

Of the 175 votes cast 146 (83%) were in favour of our Neighbourhood Plan and 29 (17%) were not. The turnout for the vote was 39.8% of the electorate.

We would like to chare the good news to all those who have helped in any way towards the production of the Loders Neighbourhood Plan

More information can be found at:

https://www.dorsetforyou.com/elections/west-dorset-results-2016 .

My huge thanks to all of those who have worked so diligently over the past 4 1/2  years to produce the LNP.

Loders parish is indebted to the tireless efforts of so many members of our community.

We can be proud of the results of our efforts.

I hope we can arrange an occasion in the near future to celebrate our success – more on this later

Michele Warrington- Chairman


Steering Group Members

Michele Warrington-Chairman

Alan Watts

Bryan Hyde

David Last

Ros Newberry

Barry Wilson

Barbara Wilson

Richard Hall

Carol Hall

Guz Tidy

Geoff May

Diane May

David Cannon

Charles Palmer

Adron Duckworth

Michele Harding-(Clerk)

The Steering Group In action